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Land Registry Lease Plans

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Land Registry Lease Plans

All new leases with terms of 7 or more years or assigned leases with at least 7 years remaining must be registered with Land Registry and to do that a lease plan is required.

A Lease Plan is an appropriately scaled metric drawing depicting the land or part of a building over which the lessee has exclusive or shared access.

For a Lease Plan to be compliant with the requirements of the Land Registry it must include the following:

  • Detailed floor plans at a scale of either 1:100 or 1:200
  • A location plan at a scale of 1:1250
  • A north point
  • A coloured line (usually red for the demise and blue for the common parts) indicating the demise of the subject property.

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Your business or property needs to be compliant with the correct regulations. An up-to-date EPC will illustrate your building’s carbon emissions and energy efficiency. Don’t fall foul of the MEES regulations: contact us today. We look forward to helping you.

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