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Commercial EPC's.

A commercial (or non-domestic) Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) details the energy efficiency of a commercial property. It’s similar to the label on a new domestic appliance or even a new car.

Usually either the seller, landlord or an agent is responsible for obtaining the Commercial EPC certificate when it is legally required (if the building is being sold or leased). When a lease assignment is taking place, the law considers a sale to have taken place and the assign or should provide the commercial EPC. In relation to modifications, a EPC is only needed if the fixed services (heating, ventilation and/or air conditioning) are changed.

Assessing a commercial building for EPC generally takes longer than for a domestic property. All zones need to be individually identified and dimensions taken, and all glazing and doors need to be measured.

We undertake all types of commercial property assessments; shops, offices, hotels, factories, workshops, warehouses, supermarkets, sports centres to name a few.

Get in touch to see how much you can save by going direct to the assessor.

We offer EPCs for all types of businesses, including:

• Retail • Leisure • Care homes • Workshops • Warehouses • Hospitality • Healthcare

Your business or property needs to be compliant with the correct regulations. An up-to-date EPC will illustrate your building’s carbon emissions and energy efficiency. Don’t fall foul of the MEES regulations: contact us today. We look forward to helping you.

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